Monday, June 1

Weekend Wrap Up

What a weekend. I am still recovering from all the craziness. This past weekend was J's graduation party. The big kind of party. Family, friends, neighbors, strangers walking by. You know the kind; everyone was invited. It was a lot of fun, but parties like that are a lot of work.

I went to bed on Friday (okay, it was technically Saturday morning) at 2:00am and was up at 6:00am. So four hours of sleep was all I managed before I got up and started getting ready for the party. It was a very long day. But it was a very fun day and it was a lot of fun to see our friends and family. A lot of them we haven't seen for quite some time, with J being in school and all. So it was worth it. I unfortunately didn't get any photos because I was so busy being an awesome hostess. Oh well, next time.

I didn't just party this weekend. I worked on a bunch of new sketches and have a million ideas swimming in my head right now. So many ideas!

I also finished up my latest custom order. Okay, I still have to add the laces, but the hard part is all finished. Yay! This one was a lot of work and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I can't wait for it's new owner to see it. I really hope he's as happy with it as I am.

Today I plan on working a bit on this bad boy. It's been so long since I've done anything with it. I would love to finish it up by the end of June, but alas, I don't know if that will happen. Fingers crossed it does.

And of course, I could never get anything done without my faithful studio helper. She's a real slave driver. (Good god, I have to clean that window).

So what did everyone else do this past weekend? Did you have beautiful weather? Did you go to any parties? Did you work on something creative? I'd love to know!

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