Monday, July 20

Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, Monday. This weekend just seemed to fly by and it's not like we were really all that busy. J worked in the garage for most of the weekend (how and why in this muggy hot weather, only he knows). I worked on a few new projects.

This is the start to a custom cuff. I'm excited to see how this looks like when finished (when am I not). It's not the color scheme I normally go with, but that's the fun of doing custom work, you get to work in patterns or colors you normally wouldn't.

I'm also working on another project, but that one will have to wait a little bit to be shown off. Maybe next week some time.

Other then that, I didn't really do much else. I did buy a new pair of shows. Yay. Fun.

I also got a new bag.

I'm thinking about using it as a camera bag. It's quite large and I think it would make a good bag for day trips. I already have a nice insert that will fit almost perfectly. Yay, new bag.

So it was a pretty boring weekend. Had to get housework done as well as bead projects. Sometimes you don't get to have a fun weekend when there is work to be done.

What did everyone else do? Did you get out and have some fun?

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