Tuesday, February 1

The First Giveaway of the Year!

Finally!!!  I finally finished up my giveaway prize.  Then I broke my tripod, so it took me a little bit longer to get it posted then first planned, but I did it.  I got a few decent pictures and, Drum roll please ......... IT'S TIME FOR A GIVEAWAY!

And what do you have the chance to win?  Well you have the chance to win this lovely bead embroidered brooch.  Just in time for Valentine's day, this little brooch has a wonderful white cat eye heart shaped cabochon encircled by a variety of red, pink, and white seed beads.  It is then backed with lovely black fabric and a pin back.

It's all hand embroidered and is quite lovely if I do say myself.  It measures 2 3/8 inches (6.03 cm) long and 2 3/8 (6.03 cm) inches wide.    

So what do you have to do?  There are a few simple ways you can enter.  

1. You can leave a comment on this blog post.  It can be anything; you can tell me what you would do if you won or just say hi.  Any comment will equal one entry.

2. You can tweet about this giveaway, don't forget to add #threefates to the tweet so I can find it.  Then come back here and let me know you tweeted the giveaway.  That will equal one more entry.

3. You could blog about this giveaway.  Just write a short blog post describing the giveaway and link back to my blog.  Then don't forget to come back here and leave a comment to let me know.  I even made a little a button for this giveaway!  This will equal a third entry. 

4.  Post about it on Facebook.  It can be a post on your personal page or your business page, it doesn't matter.  And like before, just come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did it.   And this is a fourth entry.

5. Become a fan (like) of Three Fates Design on Facebook.  Stop by the Three Fates Facebook page (great place for updated news), become a fan, and then come back here and let me know.  Holy cow, that's five entries!   

6. And because I want everyone to have as many chances of winning as possible, I'm adding a 6th entry opportunity.  Follow my other blog, Three Fates and J Grow Up, leave a comment on this blog entry to let me know, and you will entered in this giveaway.

That's up to 6 entries.  You don't have to do all 6, you can do just one, or two, or three, well you get the point.  Do as many things listed above as you would like, but remember to leave a comment for each individual thing you do here on this blog entry.  This giveaway will end on Friday, February 11, 2011 and I will have a winner announced on Monday, February 12, 2011.

Good luck everyone!! 


Karen said...

Oh! I love this bracelet! Karen clutzyk21556 at aol.com

Karen said...

Ooops! I meant to say that I love the pin. I had the bracelet in the above post on my mind. It is gorgeous! Karen clutzyk21556 at aol.com

Sangeetha Narender said...

ohh...i love this color too... u r awesome...

Sangeetha Narender said...

am following/like you on facebook too.. just to let u know. I am kinda greedy now to get this lovely... :)

Sangeetha Narender said...

i have shared your giveaway too....

Karen said...

I posted about this on my blog

clutzyk21556 at aol.com

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