Friday, January 27

On to the next

I have finally finished up my large custom order.  It feels good to be done.  I do sort of wish that I had a picture of all 12 bookmarks together, but since she purchased them 3 at a time, that won't be happening anytime soon.  Oh well.  I could always make a photoshoped picture.  :-)

But now that I'm done with that order it's on to the next.  Her daughter has now ordered a bookmark and I think it's going to be a pretty one.  She wants me to use the rosemalling from the first bookmark (in pink) and then wants a butterfly in the center.  She gave me a few ideas of what she wants the butterfly to look like, so I just took it from there and went.  I had to simplify her idea a little bit, but I think, okay I hope, that I got the basic idea right. 

That's just a small sampling of the work in progress on the left, it is no where near a finished pattern.  I have a lot of cleaning up to do over the weekend, but I think it's coming along nicely.  My butterfly I drew in photoshop was not necessarily the prettiest thing in the world, but I've never been very good with drawing on the computer.  Thank god I have a tablet, or this would look like a 2 year old drew it.

This whole world wind of bookmark making (I think the numbers at 14 total) started with my client's daughter.  She saw my work at an art fair a couple of years ago and just kept coming back to my booth.  All day she would come back and look at everything.  She asked me if I did custom work, and I told her I was always happy to work one on one with clients.  Then she left and came back again.  Finally she asked me if I would cut the clasp off of one of my cuffs for her.  I was pretty shocked and just sort of looked at her.  But she told me she was in love with my puzzle pieces cuff and wanted a unique gift for her daughter, who was a teacher and nanny.  So out came the scissors and thread burner, and off came the clasp.

Then I just prayed that this held up as a bookmark.  I mean I had no idea if a beaded cuff could be used as a bookmark.

Then early last year she contacted me and asked if  I would do a bookmark based on her tribal emblem.  And it just took off from there.  She has kept two of the bookmarks for herself and given the rest as gifts to family members.  I've very glad I've met her and her daughter.  They are super nice and great to work with.  And I hope everyone that has gotten a bookmark is enjoying it.    

Don't forget the check back soon.  I'll be having a really great giveaway that I know you won't want to miss.  Have a fantastic weekend!  

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