Tuesday, January 10

Weekend wrap up

Ugh, so I finished up my two large (2.5 in by 8 in) bookmarks for my custom order.  Then I was in such a rush the morning I dropped them off with her, I forgot to get good pictures.  What was I thinking?  Now I only have crappy cell phone picture of them.  Oh well.  I guess I could ask her if it would be okay to borrow one.  She works 5 min away from my house.  We'll see.  I'll talk to her at our next meeting.   

This weekend I also decided on a color pallet for my studio.  I was going to go crazy with the colors, but decided that because you can see my studio from the sun porch, that maybe I better keep it a little more subtle.

I found this color pallet when perusing the Better Homes and Gardens website, and fell in love.  I actually have had it pinned for a while on pinterest.  I'm going to use the two main colors for the wide vertical stripes on two of the walls (see, it's still sort of crazy).  And then do the ceiling and all the trim in white.  And then use the bright yellow as an accent color to make things pop.  I'm thinking about painting my small bookcase this color.  Or maybe stenciling the bookcase.   

Isn't it a pretty color pallet?  I came up with a different one that I really like using different shades of turquoise, but decided the colors were just too close to our bedroom colors.  And like I said before, that maybe a more subtle pallet would be better. 

I can't wait to get started on the paint.  I have two long weekends coming up and I'm thinking about working on it then.  It will be so nice to have an actually studio that is all mine and I don't have to share with the guest room or dog or boy or storage.....

But first I have to finish up the last two bookmarks of my order, then I can start cleaning and painting.  :-)


Rose said...

Good luck finishing up your custom order so you can start painting! Your color palette is beautiful. I love having dedicate storage and photography space in our house. I still end up doing a lot of my creating in front of the TV. :)

Karen said...

I love those colors!

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