Tuesday, December 18

Flora - Beaded Painting

I have been on a roll with my new beaded paintings.  I'm really enjoying doing them and I always seem to have ideas for more.  It has helped renew my interest in beadwork after a little bit of a dry spell.

And today I have a simple, yet still very lovely beaded painting, Flora.  I created this one after I finished up my Beaches painting.  I decided that I would make a simpler painting for every complex painting.  This way I would have a project that was a little bit more of an instant gratification.

I bought this large wooden bead a while ago, it was part of the mix I told you about here.  I really liked it and I was thinking about doing a cuff with it, but decided it would be much to large for most people, so a bright beaded painting it became.

I've also been trying out new color pallets, and these more simple projects are great for that.  Helping me to push my comfort limits.  Now I know this one isn't too crazy, but it's still something that I might not have tried a few years ago.

Well I'm off to enjoy the first real day of my vacation.  I'm hoping it's filled with some beading and maybe some sewing.  What is everyone else up to?

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