Monday, October 7

Monday, Monday

Well this weekend didn't go quite as planned.  I was supposed to have a show on Saturday, but due to the weather, it was canceled.  Which was a little nice, but I was hoping to try out a few of my new display ideas and make a little bit of money.  The kicker, it wasn't even windy (that's why they canceled).  But that's okay, J's parents came over.  We did a little shopping (I picked up some nice tile for my displays) and we had a delicious meal at one of our favorite ramen places.  So it was still a very pleasant day.

Then on Sunday I met with a client to talk about an ongoing project.  She's the one that makes the beautiful inlay walnuts.

I've got the go ahead to start working in the next stage of our project and also to start working on a new project that she thought of.  So hopefully I'll have some of that to share soon.

I've also been getting read for the pre-sale at the Dress for DAIS fashion show coming up this Wednesday.  Tickets for the show are sold out, but they will have standing room only tickets (that's where I will be watching the show from).  

I'm really excited about this show.  I hope it's a good networking opportunity for me.  I would love to meet some of the designers as well as some possible customers.  I will be working on finished up my displays for that.  I also need a table cloth that will fit an eight foot table.  So I have plenty to do this week.  But I'm really excited to be part of this event.

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