Friday, January 17

Friday Not Freebie - Ten Things About Me

Here's a picture of Yoda with goat horns (they are the biodegradable packing peanuts) to make your Friday great.

Sorry peeps, I don't have a freebie for you this Friday, but hopefully I will have one for you next Friday.  If not, I'll have to think of something else to do on Fridays.  Maybe a DIY project of something.  Just a small simple beady project that you can do.  Hmmm.  I'll have to think about that.

This has been a weeks of ups and downs for me, so I'm glad it's Friday.  I'm ready for a nice glass of wine and some relaxing.  Maybe I'm even ready to get back out there and go snowboarding for the third time.  That might be fun.

So I didn't really have a plan for today's blog post because I normally do the freebie, so I thought I would do something a little fun and do a list of Ten Things You (probably) Don't Know About Me. That sounds like fun.

So lets get started.

1.  I really love space and would have loved to be an astronaut.  Everything about the universe is fascinating to me.

2.  But I have such bad motion sickness that I can't even watch a movie at a theater without taking dramamine before.  So I guess space travel is out of the question for me.

3.  I manage an oncology research lab at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Veterinary Medicine part time.

4.  I own two cats and a little pug.  I did rescue ferrets at one time, but had to stop because I didn't have the time to devote to them anymore.

5.  I thought about becoming a dog groomer in college to help pay for school.  They make pretty good money.

6.  I wanted to become a medical examiner.  And I was going to get my MD/PhD while I worked at MCW in Milwaukee.

7.  I am also obsessed with crime scene investigation and murder mysteries (especially serial killers, I know, it's weird).  You would think there was something wrong with me if you looked at my bookshelves or my Netflix queue.

8.   I also considered going to go to culinary school before I decided to go to college for science.  

9.  I've been to the top of the Statue of Liberty and was not amused.  Seriously, it's nothing like Ghostbusters II.

10.  There was a time in high school that I thought about writing children's books.

So there are a few things about me you may not know.  There are plenty more (like my obsession with Tolkien, Starwars, Star Trek, and Dr. Who), maybe I'll make a second list of things.  You guys will get to learn so much about me.  I know, you guys are thrilled about that ;-)  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'll be working on my solar system mixed media piece (pictures on Monday), if not snowboarding (aka falling down).  Take care, be safe, stay warm, and create.


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