Monday, October 20

Monday, Monday - Weekend Wrap Up

Wow, it's Monday again.  Weekends are always so short lived and this one was no exception.  It was a fairly busy weekend for us.  We hung out with friends, saw some bands, I beaded, J did homework and had meetings, we took the dog for a nice fall walk.  It was a lot busier then normal.

Friday I picked up embroidery thread to finish up planet Saturn.  I'm so excited to get Saturn done and see what it looks like with rings.

If you don't remember, this is what Saturn looks like without rings.  It looks pretty awesome if I don't say so myself.  So just imagine it with a ring system.  I'm hoping to have a little bit of time this week to work on that.

Let's see, what else did we do on Friday?  Oh yeah, a good friend came over and we watched weird documentaries all night.  I know, we are out of control here.

Saturday was homework day for J.  He's really getting close to that Masters.  Only about nine weeks left and he will be done!!!  I'm so proud of that boy.

I working on beadwork on Saturday.  Exciting news, I finished my last planet on Saturday.   Woot, woot!

Uranus is finished!  I cannot wait to see all of them together.  I plan on getting out the canvas and getting all the planets on there today.  So I should have some photos soon!

Hmmm, what else did we do?  On Sunday we took little Yoda for a walk.  We took her up to the high school to let her run around the large field they have up there.  It's one of her favorite things to do.  We just might have to buy a house in the country so our little pug has the room she needs to be free!
We finished out the weekend by going and seeing a few bands play at a local bar.  It was a pretty nice night.  See what rebels we are, we went to see some bands on a Sunday night.  Crazy!

So what did everyone else do?  Did you do some fun fall related activities?  Did you get some crafts finished?

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