Monday, November 24

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello Monday.  Is it really that time of week again?  I can't believe this weekend went by so quickly.  The temps were up here, but it rained almost all weekend and now there is a winter advisory for the rest of the day.  Oh winter in the Midwest.  But the warm weather did allow me to get the yard cleaned up and all the flower pots put away.  J had a chance to get the motorcycle put away and the snow tires on my car.  So Saturday was pretty productive.  And we even had a chance to squeeze in some drinks with friends, which hasn't happened that often lately.

I've also been working on a bunch of Christmas gifts.  I can't show you what they look like just yet, but I can show you a few little sneak peeks.

First gift.

Second gift.

Okay, that's all I can share because I don't want the recipients of these gifts to see what they are getting.

I also started work on a custom guitar string bracelet.  I'm loving the colors that the customer picked out; blues and greens.  A very natural, beachy feel.

That's what happened over at casa de Three Fates this weekend.  Now it's time for a busy Monday of custom work and (hopefully) work on my new studio.

What did everyone do this past weekend?

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