Thursday, July 9

New Cuffs

So I've been a little lazy with the blog lately. Ugh, this always happens this time of year. I'm busy with all sorts of life things, that I forget to keep everyone else up to speed. I'm sorry.

So how about a few photos of some new cuffs. I've been going through all my old patterns and I'm finding a bunch of things that I've never beaded up. So my goal for the summer is to work up as many patterns as I can and get both the cuffs and the patterns up in my etsy shop.

So the first one is a butterfly cuff.  Obviously.

I had a client a few years back that wanted a butterfly bracelet, so we worked on a few different ideas. This was one of the rejected ides, but I still really liked it. So I worked it up and now it's up in the shop.

The second one, I really like.

This simple plaid pattern was made for a client that wanted just a little bit of plaid (about an inch on each side) on the edges of a bookmark. I liked the plain so much, I extended the pattern and made it into a full cuff and put it up in the shop. And look at that great button I pulled out of my button collection, perfect match. I'm in love with this and I think I might make myself one. I also think it would look great is other colors.

So that's what I've been up to. The patterns for both of these cuffs will (okay, should) be up by next week. And I'm hoping the share the photos of my awesome bead storage system with everyone by next week. Yay!

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